Looking at that starter image, what came to mind was those side-view maps of dungeons (I saw a name for them somewhere recently, but can't remember now what it was). I tried briefly to re-image it as a side view of some clouds, with sky beings living upon them, but couldn't make it stick, so we're going back underground. Currently it's all being done in PS, although I imagine I will probably run it through Inkscape at the end for some labels, since you mortals insist on having your maps labelled for you.

Just a quick description of the work, this is a side-map of a series of caverns. All of them are inhabited by some sort of underground denizens, although at this point I'm not entirely sure what. Could be dwarves, drow, slime creatures, Cthulhoids, insects, or any or all of the above.

The red lines indicate constructed tunnels that connect the different caverns. Figuring out how to add light sources is what I'm working on right now. After that will be showing buildings and bridges and water.

### Latest WIP ###
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