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Thread: First Issue of the Fantaseum Zine Released

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    Post First Issue of the Fantaseum Zine Released

    You can read it online here.

    Hi Everyone. We have now released the first issue of the Fantaseum Alliance Zine. As there was so much to do to produce the first issue, we decided to work from material already to hand to keep the production process manageable. Now that we have templates and a design pipeline of sorts established, hopefully future issues will be easier to create.

    We hope that you will all contribute to future issues and to this end, will be asking for contributions to the second issue which is going to have a martime theme. It's quite possible that a near future competition is going to be a sea chart of some sort, but if you have any ideas or contributions that you would like to make, we would be very grateful for these.

    We would love to hear your ideas about what you would like to see in future editions of the zine and to hear your thoughts on the first issue.

    Hopefully we will have established artists providing the illustrations to the next issue so that part of it should get better.


    The Zine Crew.

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    I'm very excited about this - thanks to everyone who contributed!

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    Looks great so far, of course I will have to go back and peruse it later, but skimming it and reading some short sections, it's a wealth of campaign and mapping inspiration and information. I look forward to future issues and hope to contribute in small way as well.

    Maritime brings my barbarian islands map to mind... I'll have to dig that out and scan it. You guys are doing a great job and I for one, truly appreciate it
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    Indeed; I am impressed! It looks like there's some proofreading to do, though. Is it still possible to make corrections? I could take notes as I read, if the effort would be put to use.
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    Can do. I'll stop taking notes, then, and just enjoy the issue!
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    Great work to all our compilers, editors, typesetters, and everyone in between! This wa sa ton of work, and I think it shows! I say this a successful maiden voyage. Thank you.
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    Very nice e-zine! I especially enjoy the artist's perspective and modes of inspiration. It really makes the maps and stories come alive. I am already looking forward to the next issue and possible ways to contribute.

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    Post Kudos on a job well done

    Absolutely brilliant first issue. Keep up the great work.
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