Hello all. I found this site while poking around google for some ideas for fantasy world maps and figured I would check it out. Between the 9-5 and freelance design work I'm around my computer far too much, but I'm wanting to try my hand at digital Fantasy Cartographry and this seemed like the place to go for that.
My primary reason for taking this on is to try and create a map for my wife. She's writing a book and is having problems laying out some of the scenes, so I'm hoping when she can "see" the world, it will help.
I'm interested in checking out CC3 and some of the add-ons, but for now I'll be tackling this task with Photoshop or other elements of CS5.
I'm new to this, but very experienced with design and working with Photoshop so if there are any general questions I can help with I'd be glad to.