KromeDragon Games publishes small Sidetrek Adventures™ and Adventure Delves™ for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. I have one completed sidetrek and am finishing a second. This second sidetrek is set in a viking land and has inspired me to more fully explore the setting. As such I am seeking an area map for use in the adventures.

Payment is likely via Paypal. As a small press with no established history (and having just lost my day job and currently unemployed though actively seeking new employment) low costs are vitally important. Please contact me at oclark -at- gmail -dot- com to discuss payment terms.

If possible I would like to publish the first sidetrek in this setting in time for GenCon. I understand that is not far away, and if necessary I am willing to delay publishing until a good map is available.

I am attaching a map I found using Google maps of an area in Norway that is ideal for the location. I very much like the natural look of the map, though understand that it would be quite difficult to reproduce. Artistic license to import the map into a fantasy setting is acceptable and even expected.

I would like a professional or at least semiprofessional presentation for this map as it will be instrumental in the setting and image of the company. The map should be about half a letter page and suitable for printing in color.

I also request sole RPG industry reproduction rights to the map, with the artist retaining copyright, exhibition rights, and rights to publish in a non-RPG industry

Thank you for your consideration.

KromeDragon Games

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