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    Wip RPG Fantasy Map Concept

    Hello everyone.

    I am a long time lurker, first time poster. I come here today for advice from those willing to give it for a map I am making. This map is going to eventually become a place that friends and I will use for stories and possible RPGs. I started out sketching a few concept worlds first, I won't post all of those, I'll just show you the one that I settled on:

    From there I drew the outline of the world on a larger piece of paper and then scanned it on to my computer. Using Photoshop CS2 I played around with colors and eventually settled on an old world look. Then came the hard part, mountains and forests. As you will see I eventually came up with something for both, I used a tutorial from this site the make the forests I believe. Here is the current state of the map with some the nations on it already shown:

    (**Sorry for the slight blur, the quality went down when resizing it for the web**)

    The mountains are okay, but not great in my opinion, they don't really show the scale I was going for. The world, a continent in a world really, is supposed to be around the same size as North America and it's not really feeling like that with the current state of the mountains. The forests might not even be needed for something of that size either, but I may be willing to scale the size down to something more manageable since it does look good with forests.

    I am hoping it is possible to get some tips and help with the mountains, I would like to see them be not so symmetrical and similar. I would also welcome any other comments and suggestions anyone has. Thanks!

    P.S. I don't remember where I got the compass from, it's been on my hard drive for a long time.
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