Im hopeing you good artest guys will enlighten me? I am seeking 800x565 ordenary terrain trees rocks tracks woods streams grass mud , but no buidings MainRoads or anything that confines the usefullness of the Map. I need 800x565 pixel plain terrain no hexes or grids just simple but interesting landscape from an overhead view, at say 1 mile to 800 pixels. I am doing a free project so I need the Maps for free too? I am attaching an example map link that suits purpose to this message. I need about 7 of them or anything upto 7?

You May Have played 'HighWay To The Riche' Im Makeing a Low-Budget(free) game of this scale & period computer boardwargame(not realy that much like it but). I've not seen the actual boardgame I'm asuming its the same as the Matrixgames computer version or simular? My Programming is just about done(I know you guys dont play computer games? so Im tempted to not include the Links but here they are included for reference

both links are the same file on free ftp servers so you may have to wait 30 seconds! sorry!

You can email me at if you wish, or post here?