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    Default Westeros: A Fan Map

    Here's my version of Westeros and a bit of Essos.

    I wanted something a bit more 'painterly', with geographic features that would still be obvious without interfering with the labels, allowing them to be easily read, so I used a modified version of Ascension's Swiss Atlas style tutorial. With this, I was able to create mountains and hills that were still visible and pretty, without them overwhelming everything else. One major liberty I took when making this map was to break up the coastlines in certain places a little more, to make them less regular and smooth. I used James Sinclair's maps from the paperback versions of the books for reference, and to be honest, those maps aren't the greatest on coastal detail.

    I used fairly bright, primary colors when building the map, then applied an old paper texture combined with a couple of grainy filters and color overlays to achieve the grungy look. This also dulled the colors and gave them an older, richer feel. The two fonts used are Seven Swordsman (for the title, regional and geographic names), and Roman Antique (for everything else). Most of the text has a white outer glow to make it stand out against the grungy overlay, with the exception of the regional names, which use a color overlay and a black outer glow to get the same effect.

    Some locations mentioned in the books aren't visible here, mainly because I did the map before I finished A Feast for Crows, so places like Horn Hill and the Quiet Isle don't show up.

    The title box shows my interpretation of the sigils of Houses Baratheon/Lannister, Targaryen, and Stark.

    Westeros, Essos, and anything else related to A Song of Ice and Fire are copyrighted properties of George RR Martin, obviously.
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