Hello to everybody.

I am from Germany (near of Cologne, hopefully IN Cologne, soon) and shortly discovered your forum about cartography.
And i am WAY too curious, to not drop in and leave a message for a hello :-)
Any Germans in here? Is this an American or a British forum? Or maybe a very different beast? (found this phrase in online dictionary hope this fits )

Actually i bought CC3 recently after a week thinking of buying the software.
I hope this software fits in here, too.
(Sorry, i am so fresh, i just wanna say hello first before reading through all types of README and picture-y threads)

I like heavy metal music (though my mp3-list plays "Praying Mantis - Lovers to the grave" at the moment) and roleplaying.
And since a friend of me dont want to master anymore (for education and training), I'll jump in and want to arm me with my weapons of choice:
CC3 + DD3
and some material like a sundial and a wax tablet for my pals to have history at their fingertips.

If this topic does fit in your forums and you have interest in my future work, I try to make everything 'perfect' before releasing it here.

And now it's past midnight in my timezone, I go to bed now and will read more in your forums tomorrow.
Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise :-)
Happy sleeping or have a nice day or both