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Thread: Map design request - world map and city map

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    Help Map design request - world map and city map

    Hello there, I am looking for somebody to design a map for a fantasy world I have in my head and which is being used in a novel I am writing. I have some reasonably general views about what I am looking for and have a hand drawn city map (really basic) which I would really like to see coverted to digital form - using Campaign Cartographer or photoshop or whatever tool the designer is most comfortable.

    The general details of the world can be found at and I am more than happy to answer any questions you have.

    I would really like to see this get off the ground as it is something that I think is really important to making sure my stories are consistent and besides - who doesn't like an awesome map

    PLEASE NOTE: The continent and city map have been taken.


    I am not really sure how much something like this would normally cost but I would be comfortable paying $100 USD for good quality maps that I can use on my website as well as in a series of stories.


    In essence the style of the map could be similar to a map in Joe Abercrombie's "Best Served Cold". The link below shows what I mean (thanks dain for finding them)

    Continent Map

    City Map


    Ideally I would really hope we could get the map done before the end of July or early August. I am very flexible with the timeframe and I am not really sure how long it normally takes so if that doesn't suit then please let me know and we can agree on a date that suits us both.


    I had in mind an area that is roughly equivalent to Europe, Southern Russia and the Middle East and North Africa. There are three main political entities in that part of the world, one is a loose collection of separate states that have mutual protection treaties (they occupy) the Europe part, the second is a tightly governed empire that spans the east this would be in the southern russia middle-east part and another powerful kingdom to the south of both of those which is in the North African part.

    For the city I have a general regional map of that area and a very rough hand drawn map of the city itself which I can make available.


    Ideally the map would be suitable for printing - I am not really thinking high colour but it should look good on screen as well as in print.
    Vector would be preferable since that can be scaled more easily than raster but I am not being proscriptive - whatever tool you are most comfortable using is great.


    I would like to have reproduction rights and to use the map for commercial purposes but have specific desire to own the copyright to the map itself. I have the names of some of the key places and names of the general regions so I don't know how that translates to the copyright question but in short as long as we can both use it without restriction then that suits me.

    Contact Details:

    You can contact me via the website I have included at the top of the post.

    I hope that this information is useful in allowing you to decide if you are interested in taking this on. If you need more details please let me know and I'll update the post to include anything that might be missing.

    PLEASE NOTE: The continent and city map have been taken..
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