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    Default Hello fellow cartographers

    Hello to everyone here at the Cartographer's Guild.

    I am a GIMP user and have been for about a year but I am not nearly as skilled as I would want to be yet. For instance, I have only recently began using layer masks. I have mostly used the program to create desktop wallpapers or forum avatars/signatures for myself and my friends. I have used the program to makes maps before but my skills at the time really limited what I could do. However, tutorials here, especially those by RobA, have helped me tremendously and I definitely appreciate everyone's work.

    I use to be an advert RPG-gamer though I don't find myself having the time to play as many as I use to anymore. Still, I am an active member of a RPG gaming forum where I use to help run forum based for one of it's groups. I am in the process of designing a new forum based game and have decided that I need to improve my map making skills to make the game much more enjoyable for the participants. Hence, how I came across this site. It's no wonder though that I would eventually end up at this site. I like to draw maps and have been doing so from as a kid imagining my own fantasy world to more recent road maps.

    This is a practice map I am currently working on after learning a few things from tutorials. I still need to add the dirt, mountains, and forests layers.
    Click image for larger version. 

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