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    I wonder if anyone can help me with this, I have tried to look up the answer but can't find it.

    In IE if I open up a new window, the new window is a a 'copy' of the window that is already open. When open a new tab with FF (ctrl-T) I get a 'blank' window (i.e. there is nothing in the address bar) there a way to adjust the default in FF so that I get a copy of the existing window?



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    Don't know; I just started using Firefox. For me, when I open I new window I get my home page.
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    It doesn't look like there's a way to force that behavior in a vanilla FF install. You might be able to find an extension that would do it, though.
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    Press alt+Enter in the adressbar. You can also drag the symbol in front of the address down on the tab-bar.

    You might be able to change the blank with current page if you type: about:config in your addressbar, but you will need to look that up somewhere on google or firefox wiki. Their certainly will be an extention that solves that as well.
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    Brilliant! Thanks for that tip, and have some rep!
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