I thought it was high time that I produced a map for the campaign that I'm actually working on right now, instead of a hypothetical one. So, here is the local region that the game will start in, centred on the hamlet of Chandler's Hollow. The area is something of a blend of medieval rural England and Austria, with a bit of Dutch thrown in. The area is mostly populated by humans; Sheaf, Beacon and Föster are the main non-human centres.

Coastlines and elevation are pretty much finished; forests, farms and other vegetation are subject to change. Labels are mostly there to indicate the general area of where a town will end up.

Still to do: rivers, roads, settlements.

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I must say, I should have done this ages ago. Just mapping out the features and everything properly has really spurred my imagination, and given me more ideas to work into the story. The way the mountains ended up did amazing things in that regard.