Hi gang!

I've been quietly lurking on the sidelines for a long while, viewing a lot of posts from you guys with pleasure! I've always been interested in terrain generation apps, and that's what originally brought me here a year or so ago. I see a lot of talent, and appreciate the respect and candor shown folks when they post their maps asking for critiques and advice.

The community seems really great!

You folks have encouraged me to grab the ProFantasy software for dungeon design and try my hand at making simple combat encounter areas with a simple RPG system. Profantasy are great since they allow you to use their graphics in a finished commercial app. I haven't published anything just yet, but cartographersguild.com has given me a lot encouragement!

I've been coding on the iPad a lot, and have been working on a nice turn-based space combat simulator for the last couple months but suddenly, without any warning, I really, really started to think about dungeon combat on simple static battle maps on the iPad at just a humble 1024x768 pixels; and to that end, I'm making a simple dungeon combat app for the iPad. It started out by seeing Jon Robert's "Ugly Harpy Inn" map over at his site. I made a great (well, I thought it was great) physics demo with the furniture being 'blow-uppable', bouncing off the walls and such where the user taps. It was great fun!

Then here, so many folks have published beautiful maps to inspire me! I'm thinking of asking in the Map Request forum here if I could commission a couple of very simple test maps to try my hand at fleshing out these ideas of mine.

Well, this turned out to be an incredibly rambling introduction. Apologies.

I'm looking forward to conversing with folks here, and would love some feedback on my ideas if you'd have any.

I'm also building in functionality for folks to import their own battlemap images onto the ipad and to make cool battles with their own maps. There's really nothing quite as neat as seeing your own map on the ipad with some....meh I've babbled long enough.

Take care, and hope to talk to you all very soon.

Best regards,

PS Ummmm...what would be the proper forum to post in about my idea? I hope that I don't come off sounding cheeky. I'd like to really get anyone in the community involved with this because you folks have such and incredible pool of talent to draw upon.

/end gushing