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    I've come up with a concept for my GURPS Dungeon Fantasy of a magical world created in an Elemental plane of earth so there is no topside, there is however pocket dimensions some as large a a few miles squared and some areas that have such a high ceiling that there is a clouded light source (if you have ever seen Journey to the Center of the Earth 2008 with Brendan Fraser you know what I mean). Cities are called Warrens and villages Burrows, there was a decisive design to most of it with the legend of the 12 Architects (12 very powerful golems that do nothing but build). Many warrens are built like Skyscrappers in a way. Long rectangular structures with tunnels/halls going off from them. Some as many as 15 levels!

    So having a concept I need to come up with a proper way of mapping this world. I've had a few ideas like using a form of Tube Maps (subway), Geomorphs (vertical and horizontal), Old school mapping maybe for large areas and more detailed maps for battle maps?

    I'd love to have any suggestions on some ways to accomplish this. I will be placing it in a Wiki I have CC3 and all the expansions and most of the annuals and Photoshop CS2.

    Thank you in advance!

    Here is a link to a You Tube video of Random Level Generator for Blender. You can see towards the end the large skyscraper idea that I was talking about.
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