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Thread: Unnamed Commission

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    Wip Unnamed Commission

    A while ago I was approached by a client requesting an alternate version of a map. The client, Silvijanus, had previously requested a map here at the Guild (here's a link to that request), and someone (I think it might have been del337er but I'm not sure) created for him the map you see on the bottom left. Silvijanus liked the map but also wanted to have an alternate version of it in a more photorealistic style; specifically, he wanted the map to resemble the style of my Veskar map. The map on the right is a small mock up I did for the client: the final map will be much larger in size (50x70cm). Could be a while before this map is finished. My computer isn't handling the size of the larger map file all that well and progress is slow going.

    NOTE: The northern half of the main continent underwent some arcane catastrophe and is now a barren waste land, that's why there is a desert there instead of tundra.

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    very nice asrsheesh
    regs tilt
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    Woohoo! Look forward to seeing this progress arsheesh.
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    Wow. Looks damn cool.
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    Thanks guys. This is just a small mock-up though, the larger map will likely take quite a bit longer to complete. Oh and Ravs, I have Wilbur to thank for the rivers, I didn't draw those by hand.


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    Very nice so far...
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    Default Enter the Big Map!

    Well after maxing out the RAM on my computer I was able to continue work on the large map. The client had requested a map of 50x70cm at 300dpi (that's 8268x5906 px). Well, I ran into a problem in that Wilbur kept crashing. Either the program isn't designed to manipulate a document that size or else my computer lack's sufficient memory to do so. In any event, I had to scale the image down to 35x50cm. I felt like the mountain ranges were a bit too large on the mock up so I decided to scale those down a bit on this map. So here's the result:

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    The rivers do look a bit strange, but otherwise it's excellent.

    Can you not just clip the surrounding sea out when working in Wilbur, allowing more space for land terrain?
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    hahah you've ran into the issue I had with Wilbur. It has issues with larger files, I don't want to say memory leaks but it does take a ton of memory to run wilbur even for smallish images. Thats why I had to do my mountain ranges in chunks for my work here. But still looks great! keep it up!
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