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Thread: Sette Regni - Regional Map - WIP

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    Wip Sette Regni - Regional Map - WIP


    I'm a new enthusiast and I decided to go head first into this wonderful world, submitting my first map ever here, to have some feedback, criticism and improve my skills.

    Some friends asked me to start adventuring, knowing that I've been an AD&D GM back in the days. I know some of the guys (and gals) are quite "nosy" and will surely go read all the setting material if I choose to use "official" sources, so I decided to make my own world as campaign setting!

    I have used Fractal Terrain Pro and Photoshop CS4. I play with PS since quite some time, but never made something big, and never tried to do something like a map before. I started following the tutorial about Israh made by a2area (I found this awesome place through that tutorial here.

    Soon I started experimenting and trying new ideas in order to find something I like AND has a bit of originality. I simplified the "world creation" process a lot, as I don't need so much details and tried to achieve a watercolor feeling.

    This is a work in progress, I've put here a reduced overall view of the central region, along with a partial view at full resolution.

    All feedback and criticism are welcomed. Thanks!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	central-region.jpg 
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Name:	central-region_full_res_clo.jpg 
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    Very nice, love it.
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    This is magnificent work, NatroN! I love the style you've developed here.

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    This is just amazingly beautiful work ... very refined style you got there !

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    Excellent work. I like how most, but not all, of your (presumably) country borders follow natural features like rivers and mountains. And you've picked a really nice terrain too.
    I am a geology nerd.

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    Nicely done!
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    With the others lavishing praise, and with good reason, I'll be the one guy who says that your nation borders are quite vivid and bright...maybe darken them up a bit. Otherwise, looks good, man.
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