So with a certain major franchise wrapping up right now in the cinemas it seemed like an opportune time to run a challenge based in that most loved institution of fantasy literature - the school of wizardry. This could be Hogwarts, the Unseen University or the Isle of Roke or some bizarre college unrelated to any of these.

The requirements of the challenge are:
• It must clearly depict some part of a learning environment for people to learn about the arcane
• It must be complete by the 15th of August when this challenge will close.

For each entry start a new thread in this forum with the title:
July/August challenge entry - <your title here>

Before any thumbnail write:
### Latest WIP ###

This will allow the thumbnail scraper to pick up the thumbs to create an array of the posts for people to check out.
The winner of the challenge will win fame, glory and a $40 store voucher from Profantasy. Good luck! Accio Entries!