Well, hello again!

So, it's been about 7 months, I guess, since my last post. Oh, how times flies...
I've been busy with way too many irrelevant things, like getting an education and living life and stuff, so I that's why I haven't had the chance to get any mapping done. I've browsed the site occasionally, though, just to get my carto-fix.
I'm on my summer break from school, so I finally had some time to be creative! I don't expect it to last, though, since I starting school again in about a month, and well, for someone who just can't make small maps, it's hard to find the time to map between all the reading and classes...

Anyway, this is a WIP of an as yet unnamed city. I thought I'd for something real simple and neat, just lines and text, and no effects, so that the whole project doesn't spiral out of control and becomes a massive time sink. It has become that already, of course, but hey, what can you do?

As you can see, I've only gotten about 1/3 of the city down, and even that part is only about 50% done.

Let me know what you think.

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