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    Post Hi guys!

    Hey there folks! My name's Stephane and I'm from Quebec in Canada. I was recently working on a Map for my friend's D&D Campains (It might even become a cartoon someday if all goes well) and was seaching for tutorials and the such when I came across this forum.

    First thing I said to myself after browsing the forums a bit was "wow they're really good here!" So I thought I might join in and learn from you guys!

    So yeah, that's about it I think...I'll show you guys my map so you can all see what I'm working on and I'd love to have comments from you all!


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    Bonjour! Cama c'est va?

    ANd that's about the extent of my French (Shame, considering how my Mother is a Boisvert, and also descends from the LaCompte <sp?>)

    Welcome to the group. I am curios about this D&D Cartoon stuff. Tell more.
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    Well I can't say much for now but we are planning on bringning to life our D&D campains...We'll try to have the aproval of Wizards but we do have a other altenative since the only thing that would have to be changed is the names of the Gods and some other minor details. But for the rest everything is made up by us!

    Ill go post a wip map so you can have a idea of what it looks like.

    B.T.W it writes "Comment ca va?" lolll
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    Welcome! So glad you found us (and after seeing your first WIP post, I'm so VERY glad you found us! You have a bucketful of talent yourself, my Great White Northern friend!)

    I hope, as delgond says, you post a lot of maps and make the Guild less a stopping point than a home. We have so many amazing mappers here with so many skills--and I can honestly say the friendliest group of friendlies you'll ever meet!

    Once again, welcome!
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    Wow thanks for the great welcome guys I really apreciate! Over the time I will work more on other kind of maps (like city maps and more detailed regional maps of my world) so stay tuned!

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    Greetings and welcome to the guild, you are sure to pick up some very useful advice, tips and tricks for mapping here. And I hope you don't just stop at one map, may there be many more to come
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