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Thread: Looking to help - Anyone need a bunch of structures?

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    Question Looking to help - Anyone need a bunch of structures?

    Well, as I'm not very good at city or regional maps, does anyone need some individual structures done? If you post, say, a neighborhood with the buildings numbered, and some notes on what you see them as, I can probably do it in a week or two, depending on the size. Naturally, if you have a whole city, then that would work, but I figure that you can post them as you get finished. A lot of the stuff in Ansium is looking interesting, but I'm willing to map any of the buildings in all regions.

    <s>Edit: Never mind. Having seen the map of Greenstone Monastery here: (, I've realized that my interior maps aren't that good either. So, kindly ignore this post.</s>

    Edit 2: They're more like this one ( So, if that's what you want, then go ahead and let me know.
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