I installed GIMP 2.7.2 a day or two ago on my linux box(where I have the most RAM) using a built package and apt-get(Ubuntu). I must say that I love the things I have seen so far(well.. a least the ones that work!!!) but the python plug-ins no longer work.

From a quick google, it seems that the GIMP API has changed (as to be expected) so the python scripts are no longer able to import the new GIMP functionality. I found lot's of threads saying it's broken, but no real means to fix. The Python scripts for gimp typically call something like this:

from gimpfu import *
Where gimpfu is the exposed GIMP API "container" and * imports all of the procedures to do stuff. I see the procedure browser notes the new/updated procedures, but I can't find any reference to the new method to reference the new API library. While I don't know Python more than a bit, I am a programmer and expect I could fix anything broken using the procedure browser if I could just get the reference fixed.

Anyone have any information that might be helpful?