I just joined the Guild, but I've been drawing for quite some time. I'm an older player from the beginning of D&D and my artwork reflects that.

Anyway, in the past year or so I've been tinkering with using Inkscape, from 0.45 onwards on both Linux and Windows OS to draw both Hex maps, and Dungeon Maps. If anyone is interested they can check out the new website I built at www.busygamemaster.com. I've put up some of my maps, inkscape templates, and partial tutorials which describe some of my methodology. I prefer physiographic mapping, and the style of the classic monochrome dungeon maps.

All symbols I made myself and the templates are released under Creative Commons license for non-commercial use.

Note I currently use Inkscape 0.48, but the templates seem to work nicely with version 0.45 as well.

Any questions, well just get in touch!

All the best,