There is perhaps no sport simultaneously more commonplace and more magical than the contest and spectacle that is the Pokemon Battle. And there is almost certainly no place better for Trainers to develop and hone their skills than the Indigo Plateau. Sitting on the divide between Kanto and Johto, cliffs fall away on three sides while harsh mountains rise to the north.

While some book time on the public fields, others hope for acceptance into a tournament that will take them to the Elemental Fields, and perhaps on to a match in the great Indigo Stadium itself. Trainers taking the traditional Pokemon journey will emerge from Victory Road in front of the Tower of the Elite Four, into a place that once was quiet, but since the construction of the great highway, Route 0, has become the jewel of the road and one of the busiest places on it. Increasingly, many of the most talented and dedicated (and wealthy) Trainers instead choose to attend one of the two highly prestigious Pokemon schools on the Plateau, the Lance Academy of Pokemon and the Cynthia School of Pokemon Battling, both run by former League Champions.

### Latest WIP ###
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This is the concept sketch. I'll be going over it in Inkscape, then I'll finalise the layout and check everything's to scale (my roads are probably too wide for example), before I start to work on the visual appearance.

I'm taking a different approach to this, doing a town map rather than a building one and having magical schools present (and their grounds depicted) but not the sole focus of the map.