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    After reading tutorials and starting toying in photoshop I'ved made a map for one of my novels called Ruteria.
    This is my first map and the first steps into cartography.
    It was made in photoshop 100%.
    The resolution is a bit small. It doesn't have a canvas or compass.
    Names of the cities are of greek origin, chosen for their meaning (Nox - Night; Enora - Honor; Norah - Shining Light etc.)
    The map itself has a lot of lore in it, if you would like to know more, ask.

    This map, for me was a great learning point. It was a trial and error process so you can see glimpses of an unskilled touch.
    Sorry for my english, I'm foreign.
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    Your first map? :O I love the style, think it looks pretty great. And don't worry about the english - plenty of people aren't native speakers.

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    I think it looks great also.. All I would have to say is maybe put the opacity down on the sea lines? O w/e those are.

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    I really like the vibrant colors in this map. It's difficult to get that kind of color without making it garish, and I think you've don't a great job! A lot of the labels are difficult due to the unnecessary distortions you've put on them. I can't think of many reasons to want a "wave" distort on text. Usually a gentle curve is the furthest you want to go.

    Also, contrast aids legibility. There are a couple of places where you have black text across dark colors, and that hurts the map. You could fix it by repositioning the labels, changing their color, or adding a bit of a light-colored glow around the letters.

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    Thank you very much for your replies. I have read all the advice given and I'm considering it in my next map, it will be posted soon in the "in development" forum.
    Again, thanks!

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    This map definitely has a unique and vibrant style. Not really a fan of the labels though, never liked warped/bendy text a great deal my self. Great work though!

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    Yes that style has potential. Refine it in further maps to get it unique. Have some rep for your first map!

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