Many of us have a "Finished maps" link in our signature that opens a list of all finished map threads however I am wondering if it is possible to have it show thumbnails instead of links?

I am desiring something along the lines we have in our "Finished Maps Thumbs" thread. I don't know how much of a strain that might put on the server but I think it would be nicer than a list of thread links. It would be more visual for one thing.

I have had to roll through that massive list of thumbs a few times looking for a specific map one of you made when I could not remember the name because some of you have pages of finished threads. Clicking into and out of each one trying to find the map I was looking for was time consuming. A bunch of thumbnails for that artist's finished pieces would have been great.

Thanks again you website server elves who keep this whole place running. I understand there may be a reason we don't have what I'm wishing for so I promise not to flip out if it can't be done