Khanre was the the old capitol of the Kanamoseneh Empire, founded at the cave where the demonic kagiri were sealed away into the caves of the mountainside, but with the coming of the akathun ruling class, the capitol was moved 300 miles to the southwest to the newly founded city of Qatra, but Khanre remained an important location in the empire, particularly when the kagiri began to be revered as servants of the Sky Hawk in her rising cult.

This is the beginning of a plan for the city, a mile east to west and half a mile north to south. The east is set into the mountainside, with a walled in area for the Necropolic and catacombs. Just south of that is the akathi First City, where the Commander Governor and his ruling class of warriors live. West of that is the Temple City, where priests and temple guards live. Outside of that, in the majority of the city, there is the market and the houses for the sekhati, the slave working class of the empire.

The basic plan for the map is barely even half finished, but I have. It's a major location for the novel I'm writing.