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Thread: Heraldic... swan?

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    Default Heraldic... swan?

    For my story, I want to create a coat-of-arms dominated by the figure of a swan. I've been snooping around google images looking for a heraldic displayed swan that looks impressive and imposing enough to be a symbol for a vast Imperial state.

    The best I could find was this:

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    Which isn't particularly impressive at all. Would anyone know how to go about growing parts of him? Removing the ridiculous looking feet? Drawing a completely new one that looks halfway impressive? I just need ideas, I'm sure I could draw it myself; any ideas would be appreciated!

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    I would straighten out the neck, make it a top down view. get rid of the feet, widen out the tail so it flows with the wings. Then i'd stretch the wingtips up a bit so they come to points.

    erm.. actually if you do a search for "swan logo" there's a few pretty decent ones out there.

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    If you're looking for classic heraldry, then they tend to look very goofy.
    I'd honestly make the neck longer, exaggerate the wings, point the feet further down and widen the tail-fan. Plus add in a some shading. I've got a lot of 'classic' heraldry icons, but no swans.

    I personally think that swans, and birds other than eagles, look best in passant, statant, sergeant or dormant.

    Try these:
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    My GOOGLE-Fu returned: THIS
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    For a vast empire, give that swan some weapons and maybe a crown or helmet. If you want it really threatening, put a pile of skulls under it.

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