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    Map Unnamed Commission

    A while back I began working on a commission for a client who wanted me to create an alternate version of a map he was using as the basis of a novel (the WIP thread can be found here). This is actually only a small mock up of what the final piece will look like, but since the client has not yet finished, much less published his novel, I decided not to release the actual final map for the time being. The client hasn't yet named the geographical region depicted by the map (hence the "unnamed" commission). Another quirk is the dessert in the northern section of the world. This oddly placed feature is the result of some arcane catastrophe.

    That height map was done in GIMP, with erosion and rivers added in Wilbur. Coloring and most labeling were done in GIMP as well (though the curved text was done in Inkscape).

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    Yes.. Amazing indeed. One thing about the continent though.. It looks like its trapped inside of a box.

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    It's hard to think outside the box when they won't let us out of it

    My finished maps
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    Quote Originally Posted by eViLe_eAgLe View Post
    Yes.. Amazing indeed. One thing about the continent though.. It looks like its trapped inside of a box.
    Ha! Yeah I can see what you mean. Course I didn't create the shape of the land masses though: I was working from a preexisting map that my client simply wanted an alternate version of.


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    Great map arsheesh; I always enjoy seeing your name pop up on new posts - it lets me know that something awesome this way cometh

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