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Thread: Large poster map of my D&D game world

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    Default Large poster map of my D&D game world

    Hi Artists, I am looking for a replacement map for my twenty odd years D&D campaign, I recently destroyed a large section of my World, and thought it would be the best time to shift time forward and make a new map. I currently run a weekly D&D game for our local game group, about 20 people and i thought a brand new poster map of the world would look good hanging up in the clubhouse.

    I am not in a rush for this work

    I am happy to pay $500 via paypal

    What I am looking for:

    A professional looking computer-drawn, print quality, map. Estimated print size will be Poster Sized A0 and the estimated area depicted will likely be about 3000 miles from side to side.

    The general style I'm Looking for is:

    Ramahs maps are really great Aronbar map

    I love tears Westeros map

    I'm a big fanboy of JR (Torstan)

    The map will require no labels, no borders, only the geography

    The artist can at his discretion make the map as he likes. the only caveat, in the centre of the main land mass is a large area completely devoid of life and is a wasteland destroyed by gods, with kingdoms clinging to the coasts for survival.

    The artist can retain any copyright they like, as this will never be published, and is intended for personal use

    Please contact me at steven_c at

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