I've been looking around and I haven't seen a post like this so I figured I'd start one.

When you use text on anything the shape, style and spacing of the letters become part of the design. It can make a big difference for the feel of a map if you use big blocky text or something more fine. It may vary depending on what exactly you're labeling. Though I read somewhere that it's more typical on maps to keep the font the same but to change the line thickness or the letter spacing.

Anyway, I was wondering: What font's do people use for their maps? And if you have an example of it being used please share. For those of you who letter by hand (kudos!) if you've got neat penmanship please share and tell us if your style was based on anything. (I was impressed by Blaidd Drwg's Ivorell "http://www.cartographersguild.com/sh...ghlight=sketch"

I've been using:

Trajan Pro, It's a serif font with small caps based on Roman capitals.
Vivaldi, Somewhat calligraphic serif italicized

example (place names are Trajan, the title is Vivaldi): http://www.cartographersguild.com/at...9&d=1312260394