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    So this is my very first attempt at making a map, following the steps in the 'Photoshop Town Tutorial'. Its not very good, and its not very detailed, and there are many things wrong with it, but its my first ever attempt at such things.

    The Town of Tetrarch is the Gateway to the Wilds of the North. It attracts an assortment of characters and provides the only crossing of the Great White River via Ferry to the Northern Shore (and a small, walled enclosure there). I have tried to depict this as best I could, but could think of no way to 'connect' the two sides with a depiction of the Ferry.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    For the ferry, could always put a small dock on both side and optionally put a rope across the river between them. Just depends on how the ferry operates but both have been used in the past.

    I have learned map making is an element of practice, a lot of practice. Good luck.

    I haven't tackled a full blow town map yet, I am still working my way gaining the skills needed such as better working with textures and creating decent rivers so don't give up and keep at it.

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    A dock on both sides would work best with perhaps a boat in the middle or something.

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    I am by no means an artist and only a novice user at Photoshop when it comes to creating my own images from scratch. Should I just attempt to draw a dock on each side with the rope attached between the two? Or is there some sort of stencil/brushes (like the one i found for the houses/castle etc) that I can download somewhere to help me out?

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    You could just draw it on. Use the line tool (10px width or something) and draw it on a separate layer and add a stroke using the layer style options (double click the layer in the layers window). You could even add a wooden texture or something if you have one on hand.

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    Or you could go the lazy way and use a dashed line labeled "ferry route". Given the level of detail on this map, I think it would fit. Then you don't need to worry "does this look like a dock?"

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