A year ago, on August 6, 2010, the Dundjinni (R) mapping product was taken off the market "temporarily." It never has returned, and the Dundjinni folks have posted on their website that it is uncertain when it will return (if, indeed, ever).

This is significant because the Dundjinni forums are the only true central point in the Internet for downloading free raster symbols (Dundjinni objects) and fill patterns (Dundjinni textures). There are thousands upon thousands of excellent quality symbols and fill patterns there. Most work just as well in other graphical and mapping programs as in Dundjinni.

Anyone here who has been intending to do a big download operation but who hasn't gotten around it yet might be well advised to get in gear. For a year now, someone has been paying the bills for the Dundjinni website without getting any new income to balance the costs. Twice in the last year, the Dundjinni site has been down for extended periods. In view of these circumstances, it's quite conceivable that the Dundjinni website might simply vanish overnight one day. One hopes not, but one can't count on it surviving.

Let's hope that a word to the wise will be sufficient. The address:


There you'll find an overwhelming amount of material ... not just standard fantasy RPG fare but also almost anything you need for modern and sci-fi mapping.