Well now, this is my first proper post here.

So I present my first map, part of a much wider setting, The city states of the Confederation of Anglass and the Free City of Oster. The map isn't perfect by any means, but will suffice for now (checkerboard pattern wasn't used so pattern is mismatched at the corners). The region is a semi-Germanic (with bits of Dutch thrown in) that has locations named after the forgotten relics of fallen empires that once sprawled across the world, and others named in the local Germanic style.

I got a lot of really useful info from the Ascension and RobA tutorials and the trees tutorials from Arsheesh and Midgardsormer. Midgardsormer's one was extremely helpful, found here for advice on how to get trees bended into topography. Grand applause to you all for your fine work. Of course, inspiration goes to Tear for his Westeros Fan Map.

The heraldry was created using this online java tool

Once again, many thanks to everyone. This map took me almost a month to create, haphazardly testing each technique, but the next one will be quicker!

Over and out,