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    I have always been interested in maps and terrain, and I recently set myself a goal to write a novel.

    I have ideas for a world for my novel, and I want to make that world stand out in my brain. I figured a map would do the trick, so I went out and bought CC2.

    After having used it for a couple of weeks, I realized I probably wasn't getting half as much as I could out of it, so I went in search of some help. My search led me to you all, and I am really looking forward to getting involved.

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    Ahhhh, Rook. Welcome to your fantasy! We have CC users here who could create a map of the Sistine Chapel on a broken PC with no electricity! Make sure to post your questions and progress often, and you will soon be making that world come to life in ways even you can't imagine!

    Welcome to the Guild! Glad you're here.
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    Well Rook, you've come to the right place. My one word of advice about cc2 - beware using the default colours - they are truly horrible! Make yourself a palette of nice muted colours. CC2 does suffer from a limited pallete - I think 256 colours? But if you are making simple 'flat' maps or black and white ones, it will do the job. You might want to download Gimp (it's a free open source photoshop type programme) and use that in conjunction with CC2, if you really want to get some colour magic going!

    Cheers and welcome to the guild!


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    You might want to download Gimp (it's a free open source photoshop type programme) and use that in conjunction with CC2
    All hail the Gimp!

    Oh, and welcome to the Guild. It's a really nice place to visit, but don't stop there. Create. Contribute. Critique. -- Cartographize!

    (Cheesy, I know. Sorry about that.)

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    Post Thanks all!

    Thanks for the input. I am really excited about getting involved, and I will definitely check out GIMP.

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    Welcome aboard!
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