Hello everyone!

I'm new to these forums and have been looking at alot of the tutorials on here and am trying to get a world made with realistic weather, rivers etc... for a new roleplaying campaign.

Here is what I have done so far.

I have Fractal Terrains Pro, and have followed this great tutorial: http://www.ridgenet.net/~jslayton/CGTutorial/index.html

I have my base world looking good, and I want to start some erosion, thus I have looked at this awesome looking tutorial: http://www.worldofgotha.com/PF_TUTOR...rah_index.html

Now, I need a little help in getting my world eroded naturally and I want my rivers to look natural like in the images of the second tutorial. Is there any "easy" road to erosion and river making or is alot of it trial and error?

Any advice or other tutorials pointed my way would be great!