Hello there all,

Just signed up to the Guild's forums. I'm an experienced DM/GM who got started using Neverwinter Nights' toolset to run (too many!) weekly campaigns. Last year or two, NWN has wrapped up (not a bad run mind) and I moved to playing traditional tabletops while at university. Now I'm moving onto pastures new, and plan to use some virtual tabletops (probably Fantasy Grounds II - since I am a sucker for their nice pretty interface!) to run games instead. As a result, I've realised I need to draw maps!

So far, I've completed torstan's fantastic tutorial on making old-school D&D maps. They're perfect for whipping up quick encounter locations it seems to me! Am now fiddling at length with various filters etc. in GIMP to take the 'digital' image and turn it into something a bit more interesting to look at!

In any case, very glad to be here, and hoping I can learn a lot from all of you fantastic cartographers.


-- VS