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    Info Industry Pro Groups

    The Cartographers Guild now has separate groups for different Cartography Industry Professionals. We now have some specialized groups for Professional Artists/Cartographers, Software Developers and Software Company Representatives, and Publishers.

    This is a sticky to explain how and why to apply for membership in the different Industry Pro groups. Membership is not available to just anyone. There are certain qualifications you must exhibit in order to join. Following is a list of these requirements.
    • You are a staff member of a group or company related to cartography
    • You are a professional cartographer or map illustrator for either rpg's or real world
    • You are a freelance cartographer or map illustrator with proven skill and something to add to the community (an online portfolio is preferred as proof)
    • You have made at least 5 posts to the Cartographers Guild. (waive-able in certain circumstances)

    If you meet these qualifications, you can apply for membership by Clicking Here and selecting the Join Group button for the group you are interested in joining. Periodically the group leaders will evaluate whether or not a group join request is valid and you will be granted access if appropriate.

    Also on that page, which can be reached via Permissions Groups on your Settings page, you can select which group to display as your user title. The group you choose to display, if you are in multiple groups, will affect the title under your name, and the color of your name.

    Industry Pro's have the ability to post news announcements and have access to a special Industry Pro Sub-Forum set. More features will be forthcoming, such as larger galleries, and attachment size increases.

    If you have any questions about these groups or whether or not you can join, you can always private message a Community Leader.

    These three groups are replacing our previous general Industry Pro group, and some members of the previous group were unable to be determined as to which group they should belong to. If you feel you may be in the wrong group, please let us know as soon as possible.

    Anyone can see who belongs to the groups at any time by Clicking here or choosing View Forum Leaders from the Quick Links menu up top.
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