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    Wip WIP - Quackozia

    So here it is: my first WIP after joining the site. After traipsing through the tuturials section for a bit I've made a start on making a "generic fantasy map" for practice. It's temporarily named Quackozia because I don't have an actual name figured out yet.

    I spent some time experimenting with my own version of Flawedspirit's land/mountain texture tutorial, and have made good use of Ramah's "Coastline Brushes" - thanks to both. Current status is this:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	quackozia1_small.png 
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    I'm not sure what kind of style I will want to adhere to for things like forests and mountains: leaving them just as colours (tricky, there's a lot for me to learn there as well) and textures or adding actual sprites/icons for them. And I don't even want to think about rivers, roads and cities yet

    Any thoughts?

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    That's great work on the coastline ripples! I love the fade-out on the outermost one.

    As for the forests/mountains/etc - I think you ought to go the icon route; it'd be a shame to have such a nice coastline complemented only by colored blobs for everything else...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diamond View Post
    That's great work on the coastline ripples! I love the fade-out on the outermost one.
    Haha, figures, the most noticable part of my WIP is something else I found (and forgot to include in the credits list, apologies): I used the "Ripples" style from the Israh Tutorial for that.

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