While looking at the PenMoto video I noticed that the tablet was set up square to the keyboard and screen. I normally use my tablet at an angle....

I did some google-foo and discovered the "ergonomic" approach is square:

Once you find a comfortable location for your tablet you will want to affix it to the work-surface in order to maintain its exact position in relation to your monitor, aligning them to each-other along the same parallel plane. This is critical to learning, and mastering the necessary eye/hand coordination between your monitor and the tablet. If the table is moved or rotated even slightly you will need to relearn the necessary eye/hand coordination. You can affix the tablet to your desk with double-sided tape or museum putty.
This was from the brilliant illustrator Kevin Hulsey.

He also has suggestions on layout:

(from http://www.khulsey.com/computer-work...rgonomics.html )

I also need a mouse as I find it is hard to do node manipulation with a tablet in most software.

Any graphic tablet users want to share their layout?

-Rob A>