Hi, everyone!

Little introduction: I'm a beginner at Cartography and already in love with it!

I've been cooking up this continent for a week, I've tried different angles of attack, but didn't really get far.
Eventually I decided to make one using this amazing Saderan tutorial I found on this forums.
So I retraced my initial sketches and lifted up some elevation. However as I was about to add vegetation, I realized I couldn't tell where to put it.

The problem is that I find it hard to judge Biomes merely by gazing at the elevation. I do know there will be a big desert in the middle, but apart from that I'm kind of clueless.

Now I'm wondering, does any of you have a way of doing this? For example by predicting rainfall and evaporation patterns etc.

Oh and if you have any constructive criticism about any other aspect, I'd be glad to hear!

This is my preliminary continent, I've added some geographical indications so you'd know how big it is and where it is positioned.

Click image for larger version. 

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