Cartographer needed to map dangerous and unexplored region, some risk involved!


* Final pay DOE & quality of outcome. Looking for professional results. Willing to pay more for exceptional quality!!! Lets negotiate shall we;

To 'bid' on project please email your info & a quote to dra8er@gmail (dot) com please feel free to send any questions, comments as well or just to discuss this project.

Time Constraints

*looking to get this first map done by the middle of September if possible.


* I am looking for a map professionally rendered, actual style & software used will be up to the artist.
* It will be regional overland "world" map centered on a fort & city situated within a snowy mountainous river valley.

Description of Map

* Best to give you this players description;


Quality & Size

* Professional
* Required for print & web
* Dimensions of map:roughly 16 inches by 11 inches for print & a resolution of 300dpi (or better) preferred.


* I will have the right to use and distribute the image for commercial purposes, the artist will have the right to exhibit the image as part of his portfolio but not to exploit it for commercial gain. FULL CREDIT WILL BE GIVEN TO ARTIST IN ANY PUBLICATION, including a link were possible to artists website.

Thank you for your time...