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Thread: Salutations and Well Met!

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    Post Salutations and Well Met!

    Hello everyone!

    I stumbled upon this amazing forum while searching the internet for fantasy maps and fantasy map tutorials. I know very little about cartography, but I'm trying my hand and getting out and onto paper (digital or otherwise) some worlds I have lodged in my head.

    Love looking at the maps in the D&D source books and I absolutely love all of the great maps I have been able to look at here on this site as I have trolled it for the last several days.

    Anyway... HI!

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    Hello! Glad you stumbled on in for a spell--and I hope you stay and contribute for a good long while. Make sure to post your mapping attempts and works in progress; we'd love to see them, and help if you so desire.

    Once again, I'm glad you joined, Obsidian!
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    Greetings and welcome to the Guild. I'm new here as well, so I thought I'd say hello to a fellow newcomer. What program(s) do you use for mapping? I think you'll find the forums here to be an excellent resource for mapping, maps, and other information.

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    Greetings and welcome!
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    Hi there Obsidian! There's nothing to it! Just download GIMP or Inkscape for free or buy some photoshop / illustrator software or clones and get mapping! Release that inner mapper in yourself! You know you want to!

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