This is a continuation of my July/August Lite Challenge entry,

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It's functional - this labelled version shows everything clearly - but I'll be the first to admit it's no looker. I tried some realistic textures, but the scale's a bit too small for that really, so I'll be needing something a bit more representative.

I still face the challenge I mentioned before, regarding making the scale of the large buildings apparent. For the Tower of the Elite Four and 4 Indigo Place, we're talking skyscrapers. (The former has within four huge battling arenas, one above another; the latter's just a big office block). Has anyone else done maps with similarly large buildings? Another thing I can't figure out how to make clear is the construction of the Indigo Stadium - it's a huge earthwork, almost like a dam going around the field, with the stands built upon it on the inside, and the gate buildings leading to tunnels through it.