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Thread: Historical Roermond (Dutch City)

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    Default Historical Roermond (Dutch City)

    This is something I had to share with you people. A school teacher/history enthousiast from Roermond has made an incredible watercolour painting of Roermond in 1700 AD. It's based on old and new maps, areal photography and descriptions of what the city used to be like. I'm afraid the text is all in Dutch, but the pretty images speak for themselves

    What strikes me most is the space. It is much less cramped than I expected a city of Roemond's size and importance to be.
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    But one is not stuck in Dutch - Google translate does a good enough job to get the gist of what he writes about:
    Note that url has my firefox browser built into it - you may have to start at Google and drop the desired URL in yourself.

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