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I'm looking for a semi-professional style: something that looks awesome and has been made by a pro (read: not by me) while not necessarily being something enormous prints can be made of and exhibited in a fine-arts museum. Somewhere around 3000x3000 or 4000x4000 pixels would be great. Something along the lines of the following two maps would be awesome:

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I'd love cities, ruins, etc to have different graphics, if possible. For instance, the cities of one nation should have one graphic while those of another nation should have a second graphic and any ruins or fortresses should have a third graphic (actually, one set of graphics which includes cities of different sizes). Since the maps are for D&D campaigns which are still far from over, I'd like to be able to add new cities and such to the maps as the campaign advances, so i'd be most grateful if you could provide all the individual city/ruin/etc graphics, as well as the font(s) used for the names, along with the maps when they're done.


The map I need is for a world inhabited by humans in its entirety; no fantastic races or anything, although fantastic creatures do exist: dragons, sea serpents, etc (although, far from being a civilised species, they are merely animals with an intelligence akin to that of a large dog).

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Since my handwriting is hardly the most legible of all, i'll include lists of names; if you have any trouble matching the names on the list to those on the map (because my handwriting is particularly illegible in some parts), please let me know. Ignore the pencil signs saying "Saami" and "D. Fawkins"; they were notes for me to remember during one of the campaign sessions. Almost all names are to remain the same; the only one which isn't is the Turquoise Sea (previously the Green Sea).

For scale, the distance between Akkram and Zeher is roughly 180 kilometres.

The climate of Draaklanden ("Dragonlands") resembles that of northern Europe, with forests and glaciers being predominant wherever there aren't sharp peaks. As their names suggest, the Frozen Wastes are a large glacier covering the entire northern coast of the continent and the Icy Sea is littered by icebergs and ice plates much like the Arctic Ocean north of Canada is. Large forests are indicated on the map, and so are mountains; the rest should consist of little forests patching cold grasslands, although snow extends as far south as the Long River in winter (and mountainpeaks all over the continent remain white the year round). The land around the Narrow Pass (where Iskar is) and southwards from there consists of flat grasslands with a tiny bit of swamplands near the forest. The Lake District (northwest from Iskar) is made to resemble southwestern Finland or England's own Lake District. To the south of it all, the map is meant to fade away, meaning the Quiet Forest probably extends farther south than is shown but those latitudes are as of yet unexplored (even by the people of Ildenor). The world is young, and, while metalworking is somewhat advanced, firearms haven't yet been invented and gunpowder is used very sparsely and only in artillery (which is usually present only on large ships).

Mountain ranges:
• Dragonreach mountains (here there be dragons)
• The Dividing Peaks (nigh-impassable barrier almost dividing the continent in two)
• Icy Peaks (westernmost group of mountains on Draaklanden)
• Northrend Mountains (group of mountains along the northern border of Nevarrah)

Large forests:
• Mossdeep Forest (tightly packed forest between the Dragonreach Mountains and the Dividing Peaks)
• Quiet Forest (forest in southern Ildenor; total extent unknown)

• Near Isles (largely populated islands claimed by Calder)
• Lone Island (uninhabited island west of the Far Isles)
• Far Isles (mountainous islands dividing the Sea of Serpents from the Turquoise Sea)
• The Barrier (long, forest-covered island off the coast of southern Ildenor)

• Icy Sea (iceberg-littered sea at the tip of the world)
• Pacific Sea (deep-blue, peaceful sea west of Draaklanden)
• Sea of Serpents (here there be sea serpents)
• Turquoise Sea (slightly greenish sea east of the Barrier)
• The Division (narrow strait between the Quiet Forest and the Barrier)

• Long River (longest river on Draaklanden)
• Scarborough River (river with its origin on the Dragonreach Mountains and its delta in central-eastern Calder)

• Frozen Wastes (uninhabitable glacier forming the northernmost part of Draaklanden)
• Eastern Grasslands (grassy region in central-eastern Draaklanden)
• Western Plains (fertile grasslands in central-western Draaklanden)
• Lake District (flat region littered with lakes of all sizes, most of which are interconnected by tiny rivers)
• The Narrow Pass (small strip of land uniting Ildenor with the rest of the continent to the north)

Calder is a very european kingdom. Its culture resembles that of medieval Europe, although religion is less strict. Its cities are made of stone and often fortified, and castles are rather common throughout the northern half of the kingdom. Seafaring, fishing and farming are all important activities within the kingdom.

Cities of the Kingdom of Calder:
• Northpass (small castle-town just north of Draaklanden's northernmost river)
• Starfire (small castle-town on the banks of Draaklanden's northernmost river)
• Ironfist (medium fort on the slopes of the eastern Dragonreach Mountains)
• Nightkeep (large fort on the banks of the river north of Scarborough River)
• Shard (medium castle-town on the coast east of the Dragonreach Mountains)
• Hammerfield (large castle-city on the delta of a northern river)
• Stoneroot (medium castle-town on the delta of the river north of Scarborough River)
• Scarborough (large castle-city on the Scarborough River delta; capital of Calder)
• Moonspire (medium castle-town on the slopes of the mountains south of the Dragonreach Mountains)
• Greyhawk (small fort on the banks of the Long River)
• Queensfort (medium fort on the coast east of the Long River)
• Rivertown (medium town on the banks of the Long River)
• Tuma (small town in the northern part of the Eastern Grasslands)
• Havenfield (small farming town in the central-eastern part of the Eastern Grasslands)
• Dawnport (large port-city in the easternmost part of the Eastern Grasslands)
• Irydia (medium town in the easternmost part of the Eastern Grasslands)
• Endoria (medium port-town in the easternmost part of the Eastern Grasslands)
• Urel (small port-town on the northwesternmost of the Near Isles)
• Vania (small port-town on the southernmost of the populated Near Isles)
• Immer (medium port-town on the central island of the Near Isles)
• Pirates' Cove (small port-town just east of Immer)
• Eastport (small port-town on the easternmost of the Near Isles)

Nevarrah is the equivalent in this campaign to middle-eastern nations; this is especially noticeable in the names of its cities, though much less noticeable in other respects. Fishing is the empire's main economic activity, although trade with nearby Ildenor, especially by sea, is also important. Its architecture is somewhat similar, but not identical, to turkish architecture.

Cities of the Empire of Nevarrah:
• Semmat-Ur (small port-town on the northern coast of Nevarrah)
• Eyf-Ur (small town in northern Nevarrah)
• Shokar (small town near the Icy Peaks)
• Evhirr (medium town near the central coast of Nevarrah)
• Akkram (large city in central Nevarrah)
• Zeher (medium town near the central slopes of the Dividing Peaks)
• Az-Dakarra (large city in central Nevarrah; capital of Nevarrah)
• An-Mir (small town near the southern slopes of the Dividing Peaks)
• Ybyl (large port city on the central coast of Nevarrah)
• Nissia (large port city on the southern coast of Nevarrah)
• Akkorazad (medium fort near the southern slopes of the Dividing Peaks)

Ildenor is a southern kingdom which thrives on its extensive trade with Nevarrah (and, to a much lesser degree, with Calder) and hunting. Fishing takes the place of hunting in the nation's island towns, and its fertile land produces fruits and vegetables coveted in the regions farther to the north. It is also european-like, although less like England and more like Italy.

Cities of the kingdom of Ildenor:
• Farpoint (medium port-town on the largest island of the southern Pacific Sea)
• Newfoundland (medium port-town on the largest island of the southern Pacific Sea)
• York (large port-city on the central one of three small islands south of Newfoundland)
• Finsford (medium port-town in the southern part of Lake District)
• Riga (medium port-town in the southern part of Lake District)
• Havenport (large port-city just west of Iskar)
• Iskar (large city in the middle of the Narrow Pass; capital of Ildenor)
• Black Marshes (medium town on the outskirts of the Quiet Forest)
• Sunder (medium port-town on the southern coast of Ildenor)
• Portshire (small port-town on the southern coast of Ildenor)
• Landine (small port-town on the southern coast of Ildenor)

I don't think there's enough space to include the names of the nations, so it doesn't matter if you don't, as long as the names of the cities are there.