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Thread: Great city of Stathem - My new city-teq.

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    Wip Great city of Stathem - My new city-teq.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    My not yet finished map of a Capitol of one of the lands in my fantasy rpg stetting.

    What do you think?

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    Looks nice, lerche. I like the watercolor vibe you have going. It's funny - at 100% the road splotching looks nice and random, but zoomed out one can see a regular grid to it. Not bad, just less tiling would look better. It has a nice organic layout.

    For a big capital city I'd kind of expect more warehouses, industry, markets, and such. I get the river-gate on the east - but do the cross-river city walls at the west completely block river commerce?

    I look forward to watching this one develop. Welcome to the Guild, by the way! Thank you for coming out of The Long Lurk. A map in the first post, and a nice one at that - well done! That's worth a dollop of rep.

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    Default Thanks

    Yo! Thanks for the critisism. You are absolutely right about the warehouse thing, and also the pattern
    I made it in photoshop. The gates at the west is supposted to be a wall that ships can pass under (wich will be quoted in the notes).

    Thanks for welcoming me, I've been using you a lot the past couple of years but enver participated in your threats, but I feel im ready to show some of my work now

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    Here is a an updated version:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    very interesting style, looks good

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    Nicely done.
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    I like it! One thing with the blocking commerce, maybe the island and the small bridges would block ships? I feel like a bridge too small couldn't get high enough to let ships pass under.

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    Love the shape. The keep on the isle outside the citywalls is a great outstanding element

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    Maybe you're right about the walls at the west side of the city. I'm glad you like my work though

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