I have been messing about with FTP for a few days now, and I am running into a wall with trying to create specifically-shaped continents.

What I want is a large continent with a high, very wide longitudinally running mountain range bisecting the north and south portions of the continent. Also, I want the mountain range to straddle the equator.

Every so often I am able to generate a continent that is essentially a massive mountain range, and then I lower lower lower lower the northern and southern sections, but the results are very poor.

Another problem I am having is that when I create a valley within the range, the fill basins tool is always filling the valley. I do not want the valley to have a crevasse or some other feature that breaks the fill basins' desire to fill the valley with dirt (and wow does it look bad!). Is there an easy fix for this other than creating the valley after the final fill basins? Is there perhaps a way to restrit the fill basins to within or without the valley?

Thank you!