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Thread: World Map Sketches for Might & Magic X

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    Map World Map Sketches for Might & Magic X

    My dear cartographers,

    I am working on an RPG game development project called Might & Magic X: Children of the Void (M&MX for short), which has been a work-in-progress for the past six years. We are entirely nonprofit and volunteer-based, so things have been going slow, but we do have big plans for the future release of M&MX, which will eventually be available for free download. We are keeping the game 100% nonprofit because we don't own the rights to the "Might and Magic" brand name.

    The world map is an essential part in our development, and the game's completion is highly dependent on having a straightforward and well put together world map. I respectfully ask that a master cartographer donate his or her precious time and skills to help us create a professional and detailed world map. M&MX is a highly professional project and we currently have thousands of game assets completed by professional graphic artists. We would be greatly honored to work with one of you on this very important world map, which will be released to the entire Might and Magic community upon completion.

    Thank you very much for your attention and please read the rest of the thread for more details!

    Might and Magic X - World Map of Iranesia

    Time Constraints
    We are perfectly willing to negotiate a deadline based on the artist's personal schedule and availability of free time.

    We would like the style of this map to be in the same fashion as the previous maps of Might and Magic games.
    The following are some examples:

    Description of Map

    The sketches you are about to see have never before been released to the world. They are the drawings of a map that has been lost for almost a decade, but has recently resurfaced by the original artist. The maps I am about to show you are completely unique, and the only complete maps ever made of the game Heroes of Might & Magic IV.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	iranesialandmass.png 
Views:	763 
Size:	921.3 KB 
ID:	38104 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	iranesiaoceans.png 
Views:	1095 
Size:	1.09 MB 
ID:	38105

    Important Note: These images are scaled down, and the map files for the cartographer who works on this project will be full-sized, at around 16MB.

    Quality and Size
    We expect professional quality for this map, but realize that even non-professionals can make great looking maps. This will be a matter that is discussed between us and the artist so that we may find a mutual understanding.
    Ideally, we expect a nice looking map done in high resolution. It will be required for the web and approximately 1200 x 1000 pixels.

    The artist will share the copyright with Might & Magic X: Children of the Void. The finished map must be open-source and available to the public. It will be available for use anywhere, and for any purpose, including other fan games. This is an effort to keep M&MX completely nonprofit.

    If interested, please respond to me here, by private message, or by email (

    Thank you, and feel free to ask any questions you like!

    MMX Alamar
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