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    Default Draaklanden

    This was a commission from here

    Thanks again (as always) to Ramah for 'The Tree Thing'. All done in Serif Drawplus. The client wanted something done in a Torstan / Ramah style. Although I could never produce anything as fine as their work, this was (I hope) a reasonable approximation.
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    Wow! Don't sell yourself short, Ravs. It's not an exact copy of the superb styles of those two guys, but it is awesome all on its own. Very nice map!
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    Dude, that's freakin kick arse! Snagged.
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    looks really great Ravs.. concider yourself rep-slammed indeed ... love the kilometermeasurement
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    Those mountains are pretty darn sweet... did you do each by hand or did you use some mountain symbols? Super nice artistic style on those...
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    Cheers all.
    @Ascension - I'm honoured!!!
    @JF - They're done by hand, but I don't like them too much, they're not 'crunchy enough' for me. I've been practising a new hand drawn mountain style but I've still got a way to go with it. To colour them, I draw the lines on the top layer. Bottom layer is the mid tone, which is more or less a flood fill. Next layer up are the darks and the next layer up are the lights.

    The little green foothills were a really nice discovery for me. They're a cheap and easy way to give the map a sense of scale and interest...I'll be using more of them in the future!

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    very cool map man! I got to remember seas can be done in green-ish and look very good. cheers, DJ
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    Very cool! I love the texture of the land... and your way of drawing the mountains is inspiring. Makes me want to give my Alithan map another try...
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    Wow. Great map! I love this, all of it.

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