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  • Orcish War Camp on Mount Griffonfall - by Sagenlicht

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  • Lokar Bandits Hideout - by eViLe_eAgLe‎

    19 48.72%
  • Aerie Fief Aerie Fief is a region of land held in trust for the the youngest son of Lord Bonelli the Bald. It is a mountainous region with a good river system - by Map Vandal‎

    7 17.95%
  • The Nine Bridges of Atayama - by Gamerprinter‎

    12 30.77%
  • The Floating Mountains - by tilt‎

    1 2.56%
  • Fort Pilot - by vman3force‎

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  • Prison Island - by anonymousfromyou‎,

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  • Snow Fury's Lair - by languard‎,

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Thread: *** August 2011 Challenge Voting - Map a mountain location ***

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    Default *** August 2011 Challenge Voting - Map a mountain location ***


    Thanks to everyone for taking part in this month's challenge. As usual, excellent entries and as usual, a tough vote!

    The Challenge this month was: to map a mountain top location in which mountains must be prominently featured.

    There were 8 entries which means only 1 vote, I'm afraid (just to make it even tougher on the voters).

    So please consult our new super-duper THUMBNAILS and cast your vote.

    As always, please don't forget to cast rep to those deserving of it!

    :: Edit apologies for the description of Map Vandal's entry where the copy and paste somehow captured the first line of his first post! ::

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    great looking maps, to bad not all got to finish.
    Amongst the finished maps we have:
    evile_eagle: nice colors, and fun idea. A little heavy on the text side, and the mountain doesn't take up much attention.
    gamerprinters: always love gp's use of colors and he makes beautiful maps - so this month he gets my vote
    map vandal: nice colors, the town depiction like he used in the magic school map - he made an interesting map, however I don't really get a mountain feel as the challenge requires.
    sagenlicht: very nice mountain - but I feel something is missing from it
    vman3force: might have gotten my vote if he'd finished - really like the simplicity of it
    good job all - rep is on its way
    regs tilt
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    I voted for Evile_Eagle's for the execution and story. I think Sagenlicht's was my second choice, for the realistic rocky terrain.
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    Some great entries this round. I wish I had found the time and motivation to entry this one myself. I just had too many other things going on.

    In the end I voted for EE's entry because for some reason I just really like the look and imagery of it. I wish I had it in my hand printed on a piece of leather you know? Good job man.

    I'm in a rush this morning so I won't get into the others as I often try to do but there were things I really liked in most of them.
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    Thanks for all the votes guys!

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    As usual a tough vote.

    My vote did go to eViLe_eAgLe, its nicely done and reflects the spirit of the challenge more than maybe any other entry.
    The Floating Mountains by tilt‎ would have been my second choice, its a clever idea and overall its nicely done.
    The Nine Bridges of Atayama by Gamerprinter‎ - as always nicely done by GP. A great map.
    Aerie Fief by Map Vandal - its a nice map for sure I just didnt have the mountain feeling I needed to have to vote for it.
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    I was torn between Evil Eagles and Map Vandals map, in the end, I loved MV's hatchuers, so I chose his map.

    As an aside to eVIL eAgle - it's bad karma to vote for yourself, we never do - good map though!

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    I know.. Greedy.. But, I did it the first time entered a contest so its somewhat of a habit.. If I could re-vote I think i'd pick Map Vandal's.
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    Don't worry, EE, GP's forgetting this bit of ancient history.

    GP: I loved the little Ukioye nod in your map in the river with the pure white foam against the bridge....beautiful! Like you, I thought that MV's hatchures were just magical...and I loved the font choice, it was perfect...but you were a very, very close second.

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    No, I didn't forget, that's why I don't it anymore, nor recommend others to do so. When I learn a lesson, I spread the wisdom, if I can.

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